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Recognition of the professional contributions and accomplishments of younger engineers and professional engineers within the State of New Hampshire, the member Societies of the Joint Committee of New Hampshire Engineering Societies, authorize the establishment of the New Hampshire Young Engineer of the Year Award and the New Hampshire Engineer of the Year Award. The awards will be presented annually at the joint meeting of New Hampshire Engineering Societies during Engineers' Week in February. The Young Engineer of the Year is awarded to an engineer who is 35 years of age or younger during the preceding calendar year. Nominees for both awards must be a member of a sponsoring New Hampshire engineering society that participates in the Joint Committee of New Hampshire Engineering Societies. The following is a list of societies that have participated in the past:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers, New Hampshire Section

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Northern New England Section

  • American Society for Quality Control, Northern New England Section

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

  • New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers

  • Society of American Military Engineers

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers

ASCE nominations will comply with the format suggested by the Joint Committee of New Hampshire Engineering Societies. ASCE's Engineer of the Year nomination will be forwarded to the Joint Committee's selection panel by an officer of the Section. The candidate will be endorsed by a quorum of the Section's officers. The Joint Committee has the jurisdiction over these guidelines.

The Engineer of the Year Award and Young Engineer of the Year Award are the highest awards given to individuals by the Joint Committee of New Hampshire Engineering Societies. Each award is presented to an engineer who has made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession, the public welfare, and humankind. These awards provide the Joint Committee and the New Hampshire engineering community the opportunity to recognize outstanding individuals worthy of these honors.


All New Hampshire engineers are eligible for nomination, provided they are members in good standing of their engineering society, are citizens of the United States, and are preferably licensed professional engineers or engineers in training. Candidates for the Young Engineer of the Year Award shall be 35 years of age or younger by December 31 of the calendar year of his/her nomination.

The Jury will be composed of members from each of the member societies of the Joint Committee. Selection of the award recipient will be based on the following particulars: The candidate's professional integrity is beyond question; the undertaking or services upon which the award is based are of high order; and there is more than an ordinary relationship between the undertaking of services and the public welfare and the good of humankind.


The award will be presented at the New Hampshire Engineers Week Banquet in February.


There is no prescribed nomination form to be completed. However, the nominee's application package must comply with the guidelines that follow:

Nominating Society's Statement

The nominating Society shall prepare a typed statement describing why they have selected this nominee as their candidate for Engineer of the Year or Young Engineer of the Year. The statement shall be signed and dated by the President or Chairperson of the organization.


Statements or letters shall be written by a minimum of two (2) engineers knowledgeable of the candidate's achievements and characteristics that indicate his/her worthiness for receiving the award. These statements shall be written to provide a concise picture of the candidate as an outstanding engineer and citizen, and shall be signed and dated by the author.

Biographical Information

Required candidate contact information includes name, title, home and business contact information, employer, and date of birth (Young Engineer of the Year only). The required items will be included in the biography, as applicable, and should provide a clear portrait of the candidate as an outstanding engineer who has exhibited exemplary behaviorin his/herinteractions with society and the environment. The biography should cover, but need not be limited to, the following items:

  1. Education and continuing education;

  2. Licenses held (although licensure is not required);

  3. Memberships in technical and non-technical organizations;

  4. Industrial experience;

  5. Engineering experience;

  6. Engineering research and development experience;

  7. Technical and non-technical papers authored;

  8. Patents held;

  9. Service to the profession;

  10. Service to his or her community and for the benefit of humankind;

  11. Honors or awards bestowed (technical, professional, governmental, educational, and civic);

  12. Unusual consulting assignments;

  13. The individual and his/her family; and support of and participation in unusual or interesting activities such as the arts, sports, etc.

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