Ads & Sponsorships

Next Deadline:

August 7, 2022

for August 2022 issue

If you have an article or content you would like to include in the next ASCE-NH Newsletter, please contact:

ASCE NH Advertising Rates
Sponsorship Ad: $175.00/year
   1.3" x 2.3" Artwork in the Professional Directory
   Company website link on ASCE NH Website
Classified Ad:$15/column-inch/month 
   3.5" column, 10-pt font
   Published on ASCE NH Website
Corporate Sponsor of the Month$250.00
   7.3" × 1.3" front page banner advertisement featuring   
       your company logo and linked to your firm's homepage.
   Full page ad of your design in the newsletter and a spot
       on the website


Advertisements should be placed with the newsletter

editor prior to the deadline. (see left)


All newsletter submissions must be received by the   25th of the month prior to publication.